Life,  just below the surface of the present…

October – November 2017 // Project: Twistov // Client: Teatro Vivo
Role: Associate Producer // Site-specific, promenade theatre

Twistov – The trailer from Teatro Vivo on Vimeo.

A young man called Twistov has gone missing in London. Inspired by Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist and the experience of migrant communities currently living in UK cities, Twistov explores identity and home and who we become if both are taken away from us.

Produced by site-specific theatre specialists Teatro Vivo, in association with Dash Arts, Twistov started at Rich Mix before taking its audience on a journey around Shoreditch to uncover the hidden stories of East London’s migrant population.

“The message of humanity and unity, presented as it was in such a magical way, remains with you long after the show” – Savage Journal

“A disturbing, delightful, thought-provoking surprise” – Audience member

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Twistov feature on London Live


Photo by Jon Holloway