An immersive exploration of the feminine dreamscape

From February 2018 // Project: Blauhauch // Client: Blauhauch Productions
Role: Producer // Immersive performance

Blauhauch is an immersive, sensory experience incorporating performance, Butoh, circus, contemporary dance, and curated light and sound design to explore gender dynamics, female sexuality and women’s empowerment. The show brings together women from eight different countries in a process of collaborative creative development informed by dream exploration and radical honesty.

The show is currently in development, with an R&D residency in early June at Schloss Bröllin, an international art research association on the German-Polish border. A London sharing is planned for summer 2018, and we are currently seeking collaborators, co-producers and partner organisations.

If you would like to know more about this show and how to get involved, get in touch