Annette is an independent producer, fundraising consultant, researcher and arts manager. She has a particular interest in site-specific and participatory work that engages with new audiences and brings arts and culture into public spaces. Dedicated to helping small organisations make the most of their time and resources, Annette has a wealth of skills and experience to bring to bear in supporting you and your projects. Read more...


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I followed my feet along the canal from Hackney Wick all the way to the Markfield Beam Engine & Museum

The peace & beauty of the journey, just my own thoughts & the sound of my feet on gravel for company, has been truly restorative

#walkingmeditation #peaceofmind #exploremore

Some parting words from the Most Great and Venerable @Pluto_BAC #wearenotworthy

Taking a break #2 #OlympicPark https://t.co/5CXN3iyCzA

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